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11/18 – Energieliebe is available at SportScheck in Munich now. On 2 and 3 November 2018 the sport cracks of you and obviously all others can come and try Energieliebe and also take it right with you. 

11/18 – you can´t only taste us, now you can listen to us for several radio stations as well. Listen

10/18 - we broke through the 100-market-mark. We arrived Franconia now. Especially we are happy about the first display in the city of Essen. Energieliebe is so natural and honest like the people in Ruhr Valley. PS: One of the founders is a „Bochumer“ and misses the Currywurst…  Another

10/18 – good news for all bavarians.. the network will compacted.  Energieliebe will never runs out anymore. So, don´t hesitate and go to the V-Märkten nearby.  

09/18 – Finally she´s here, our new bottle.  We as a start-up constantly improve ourselves – also the design of our bottle. Pretty, slim and with feminine curves.. but men are also allowed to drink it … somehow now it tastes even better… we don´t know why – but it´s the truth! We will never forget

08/18 – we know, press releases are always boring, but the facts are very interesting – it´s worth to read it!! 

07/18 – To all Energieliebe fans – right now Energieliebe is available in 50 different markets. We are pleased that we conquered the „northern lights“ and our never sleeping capital Berlin.  Off course, that is a good reason to celebrate. We toast with Energieliebe-Malibu 

06/18 – we´re here as well – you gotta look forward to our yummy Energieliebe-Longdrinks! 

06/18 – Have you read the today´s newspaper „Augsburger Allgemeine“ yet? Energieliebe caused sensations… unless, convince yourself of it and check it out

06/18 – we did it: we won the award from EUROWINGS, NX-FOOD, METRO and Retail inMotion. This means, that in august there is Energieliebe® on board of Eurowings. So Energieliebe® is available above the clouds – not only for pilots to stay awake 

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